There are plethora of bag brands in the market that are super edgy and stylish.
But, most of them compromise on the utility/functionality of the bag.

We all tend to choose bags that are super stylish but end up regretting our buy decisions based on design and brand names per say. We feel how inefficient they are in terms of keeping your things organized because most of them don’t have proper compartments and pockets to keep your stuff. We end up wasting so much time to look for things we kept in our bag or some of us go ahead and buy various other pouches/kits to keep our things organised and end up spending more.
First you buy a bag and then you buy one or more pouches.
But, why incur that additional cost of buying pouches?
Why experience inconvenience even after spending so much on a bag?

I agree there is a dearth of bag brands that offer you both style and functionality.

That is what i am here for!
To make you guys aware of what brands are in the market that cud offer you exactlly what you all need.

I got these classic leather handbags from @squareloop. 


And, i feel wether you are going on your first interview, doing a daily commute to work or college or even going on a vacation, these amazing leather bags will demonstrate your sense of style, keep all your stuff very well organised and will also last you for several years.
Now, why i say all this is because of it’s overall design aesthetics(the classic colors and the shape), the number of compartments and it’s sturdiness that makes it even more special.

The price of these bags starts from 2000INR. According to me, the pricing is very decent and affordable for the quality of the bags.

Also, they design various types of bags like handbags, laptop bags, duffle bags, sling bags etc

You can check their collection online on

And, you can also purchase these bags from their store in Ghitorni, MG Road Gurugram!

I hope my experience with the Squareloop handbags makes you feel confident that your purchase is of the highest caliber and guarantee reliability.

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